Jin Feng

Phone 785-864-3764
Email  jinfeng AT ku.edu (replace the AT by @ with no space left in between)

I have been working on the large deviation theory, the Hamilton-Jacobi equations especially those optimal control of PDEs associated with mass transport problems, nonlinear PDEs associated with random behavior. My most recent focus is in understanding the metric analysis nature of singularities in a number of variational PDEs associated with infinite particle mechanics and statistical mechanics.

I am currently interested in two lines of works: A) The first principled approach in understanding large deterministic systems in relation with probability (very hard).   B) a more pragmatic approach by effectively model things probabilistically,  and then develop mathematical theories associated with these models (e.g. stochastic PDEs, large deviations, optimal transport ...). 

A book:

  Some publications after moving to Kansas:
        In the past several years, I have been working on a new notion of viscosity solution for very singular Hamilton-Jacobi equations that includes the example of infinitely many deterministic Newtonian particles interacting through the mean-field. I will post a final version here once it is fully ready.